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China’s Top Ten Impact Litigation was launched by Beijing Impact Litigation Research Center, and jointly hosted by Southern Weekly, Case Study Committee of China Law Society,Tsinghua University, China University of Politic Science and Law, Central University of Finance and Economics, which has been run for three years from 2005.

 After about one month voting by experts and ordinary prople on the net or on the site,10 cases was selected out of 22 cases.

【1】Yang Jia intentional homicide case
【2】63 victims claim civil compensation for contaminated milk powder produced by San Lu Group Co., Ltd case
【3】Zhou Zhenglong fraud case
【4】Chen Shuibian was suspected as money-laundering case
【5】“Fuyang White House” crime-reporter dead for unknown causes case
【6】Mr Gao V. Employer for HIV discrimination case
【7】12 Students v.Education department of Shan Xi Province for cancelling their qualification to register for college entrance exam
【8】Zhao C v, Police station for infringing right of name
【9】4 Anti-counterfeiting enterprises v. AQSIQ for administrative monopoly case
【10】Wang Fei v. 4 Websites for infringeing privacy and reputation case


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