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  Boarding denied,a girl was amputated due to the delayed treatment



It became an issue of great concern after a girl was amputated due to a delay in treatment when she was denied boarding at Jiayuguan Airport. This event reflected many problems for China today in its transformation phase: for example, what should the relevant aviation laws and regulations do to help protect the interests of the individual in need while not hurting the interests of other parties concerned. What should they do to help the person in need when the potential risks can not be measured accurately?  At the same time, it is also very important for the passengers, especially those who are critically ill and their relatives, to familiarize themselves with the transportation rules beforehand and communicate with the airline in time. Above all, what responsibility should the relevant legislature and enforcement departments undertake when dealing with the similar kinds of cases. Or how should the dominant airlines provide the passengers with the comfortable and convenient transportation services.  All in all, learning how to protect the consumers’ rights as well as the interests of the disadvantaged in light of humanitarianism, should become a compulsory course for those privileged organizations.

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