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  Civil Affairs Bureau of Gaochun County v.Mr.Li and Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Zhang Li



This article is concerned about the case that administration make lawsuit for a dead varagrant not knowing his relatives,which triggered

the nationwide discussion on whether or not the  administration

have the qualification of litigants ,which is the key to start procedure , to settle civil disputes and to bridge the substantive and procedure laws.It also sparks hot debate among academic circle and practical institutions about whether civil public interest action is feasible in china .


In this case ,whether or nor the administration have no right to make lawsuit if on the basis of law of our country is a hot topic.the traditional theories of civil litigation law hold that only doing the direct interested person qualify the proceedings and can be the litigant.under

the congdition of being no the direct interested person or the

direct interested person not knowing or not being willing or not daring to take legal proceedings ,which lead to the situation that no one can bring a suit ,accordingly,a great deal of disputes can not be resolved

and benefits can not be safeguarded,which,to some extent ,do harm not only to citizen himself but also to nation and society.so ,it is nessary to awarding and expanding of the plaintiff’s qualification  ,this kind of

new operational mechanism and function of litigation can be suitable for public interest action .thus ,the crucial task is to expand the function of civil justice.compared with traditional legal system,the public

interest litigation is to protect public interests which is the purpose that the litigant manages to initiate public interest litigation.

the indirect interested person can take legal proceedings for the sake of safeguarding public welfare with their own names,

and become the qualified party ,undoubtly,it has broken the traditional litigation theories,extend the scope of the standing and realized

the complete and effective protection on public welfare .


On the other hand ,this typical case also reveals that with the deepening of reform and opening-up and prosperous of market-economy in china ,a good deal of modern-style disputes have gradually emerged,which are actually about national interest ,social and public benefits .meanwhile,it has become the initial problem of chinese academic circles on civil litigation law that how to set up our public interest litigation system.the article points out that public interests are beginning to enter into the view and field of civil litigation .actually,the protection of public interests can not be accomplished and realized through one single way or one single approach, it is the way for the protection of the plural public interests that is the consequence choice to perfect the safeguarding mechanism of public interest.it is the evitable choice to set up the legal system of civil public interest action to solve the problems .Tough civil public interest action is in a awkward position ,making it difficut to play its due role fully,the meaning these case conveys is deep and pround .it arouse government and administration pay more attention to it .because of the abence of the correspond regulation of legal system ,Under the impetus of the judical practice,academic circles in our country also has start to focus on these issues and has made certain preliminary achievement after experiencing a course from strange to familiar with ,from looking on to thingking  about ,even to make some analysis and argumentation of civil public interest action .However,on the whole ,there is more general introduction and less in-depth research ,more scattered structural design and less systematic construction ,so more in-depth study is necessary.


In recent years ,although citizen is endowed a lot of power by current law of public interest, it stil lack effecative legal remedies .the state

of lagging of civil litigation system for public interest in china make it difficult in protecting national and social interest .here ,author

put forward that we shoud draw lesson from abroad and establish a civil litigation system for public interest that adapts to the modern

legal conception and development of modern society.the key point is the arrangement of civil litigation system for public interest in china ,such as the limitation of disposition ,the emphasis of lawful principle

in mediation system and the precedence of administrative jurisdiction .

Consruction of civil litigation system for public interest is meaningful for the maintenance of market economy of socialism in china .the protection of victim’s legal rights and maintenance of judicial authority.


In a word ,in the society of rule by law and harmony,public

interest should be protected as well as private interest should be protected on an equal basis . Only by this way ,can the vacancy of our law system be made up ,can the right of citizen  be safeguarded while being infringed.


can the disputes be settled effectively.

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