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  Dongjian v. Ministry of Health


On March 1st 2006, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing accepted and heard the administrative adjudication suit brought by MR.Dong Jian that the Ministry of Health did not reply MR.Dong Jian’s application of establishing “China AiYan Association”. On May 17th 2006 and 25th, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing held a court to hear the case respectively.


The prosecutor asked the Court to sentence the defendant to fulfill

its legal duties and to make written decisions concerning whether to approve the establishment of the association or not.


The defendant defended that the Ministry of Health had not yet formally accepted the application of MR.Dong Jian, and that the case had exceeded the legitimate time limit for administrative prosecution.


During the court trial, both parties argued over whether the case exceeded the time limit for effective period and whether the Ministry of Health had fulfilled its duties. The Court did not make a verdict in the court.


The case is very significant in Chinese legislation history. First, it is the first case in which citizens advocated their freedom association through administrative adjudication suit; secondly, it discloses that the double examination-approval system set by the present social groups systems has imposed irrational restriction on citizens’ freedom provided by the Constitution to establish social groups; thirdly, it can be used as a model for legal protection of citizens’ freedom association.   

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