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  Zhang Chunliang v. Shenzhouaomei Co.,Ltd


In the society of china, youngsters’ growth may be the most concerned question with the common family. Exceeding ten millions of peoples join in Online Gaming,including most of the youngsters. We don’t know how many peoples are indulged in Online Gaming, but a series of society questions already are shown up through the death of Zhang xiaoyi and the litigation.


In this litigation, the party is the loose unity made up of the families persecuted by Online Gaming, the other party is the interest group having many moneys and acting efficiently. In a transform society that Rule By Law is not set up entirely, and many questions are still exist in the no-perfect market economy system, the parties’ special status give the litigation a strong symbolic meaning. Whatever who win or lose in this litigation, it must make a huge influence to an enormous industrial chain of Online Gaming in china. The coming of expected policies, such as the emphases of society responsibility with the enterprises engaged in Online Gaming, the system of using true name on the net, the software against indulging, and the system of classification etc., all will prompt many players connected with the industrial chain of Online Gaming to care the fist litigation about Online Gaming.

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