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  The No.1 branch of the People’s Procuratorate of Beijing Mumicipatity v. Lv Chunming


In the day of  “International Day Against Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”, CCTV News Channel live broadcasted the trial process of “Drug Trafficking Case” for the first time, which can be regarded as the most extensive “public trial and public sentence” of drug trafficking cases in our country. Out of question, the goal of demonstrating our resolution in eliminating drugs and promulgating our achievements in drug elimination through the case has been achieved. However, the influence of the live broadcast is far more than that: television signals had simultaneously demonstrated our legislation vividly to the whole world: in such a typical court trial, though justices’ role was identified in such a way, cross-examination was carried out in such a way, sentence was made in such a way……and the defendant had been sentenced to death, yet there were so many points of doubt: the court allowed policemen to bear witness in the court while turned such important issues as whether there was “inquisition by torture” into doubts and left them to the public; The public prosecutor indict the defendant for drug dealing but no drugs were found out on the spots.


At some degree, it was a trial in which sentence was made just according to the witnesses’ testimony, and no witnesses appeared in the court to receive cross-examination except the policemen who were engaged in investigating the case; all of the defendant’s demurrers were not accepted, and no one could get to know about whether there was inquisition by torture, or where drugs had gone.

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