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  Impact litigation is to be a new advocacy of China lawyers


If we still think that the goal of pursuing a career as a lawyer is fame and money, we are falling out of date. In the present bar, what lawyers are pursuing is far more than that; to concern themselves with public interest and social vulnerable groups has become a new trend in the filed. For better Chinese legislation in post-naturalization-of-laws era, Chinese lawyers have obligation to concern themselves with influential typical cases and to improve Chinese legislation through carefully handling impact litigation; it is a historic mission for Chinese lawyers in system transition. Do not falsely believe that only a few lawyers in metropolises have the unique access to impact litigation, because cases that can change the destiny of vulnerable people and can impose impact on legislative reform may be just close to you. As a means of improving legislation through lawyers’ engagement, what matters is the influence of impact litigation rather than the size. The influence can be international or national, or can be regional. Since China is quite large and regions are very diverse, impact litigation is not necessarily national---in fact, there is little chance for a lawyer to engage in cases that can influence a province, a city or even a county.


Impact litigation enables the professional value of lawyers to surpass parties of cases and it seeks general social value;


Impact litigation engages lawyers in legislation and improvement of legislation through individual cases;


Impact litigation is kind of lessons given by lawyers to educate the public about laws with cases;


Impact litigation is lawyers’ expression and engagement in lawyers’ way and it is an innovative tool belonged to Chinese lawyers.


All in all, impact litigation is Chinese lawyers’ innovation to concern themselves with reality and to promote legislation.

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