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  publizing the law and providing legal advice along "Long March Route"

The serious projects “Popularizing Law Follow the Long March” promoted by The Constitution and Human Rights Committee of All China Lawyers Association have been persisted for three years. In these 3 years, we had gone through 16 sites where the Long March used to cover. We stepped through 10 towns in eight provinces of Jiang Xi, Hu Bei, Gui Zhou, Yun Nan, Si Chuan, Gan Su and Shan Xi. Among these, we went to Zunyi in Gui Zhou Province and Qionglai in Si Chuan Province twice. We also sent the questionnaires there to do the reach and conclude in the form of the research report of more than 50,000 words.


All the sites selected in the project of “Popularizing Law Follow the Long March “are less developed districts and towns beside the route of the Long March. Firstly, the selected sites are beside the route of the Long March. They all are the important towns during the Long March. Secondly, these areas are in remote and secluded locations. The limitation of the nature surroundings causes the less developed economy, the lower living standard of the common people and the less awareness on the law. Most people have a little understanding about the law causing the lack awareness of protections to their rights. Further more, the areas are the important sources of the rural labors. It makes much more sense to popularize the law there. The transient population had great impact on the traditional life in local area, in the mean time; it brought a serious of problems. Here is the microcosm of China's urbanization process.

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