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  Appraisal for “2005 Top 10 Impact Litigation in China”


“Impact litigation” are a set of cases that can arouse the wide attentions and discussion of the public and can reflect the conflicts among the systems behind the individual case. “Selecting impact cases, assisting impact cases, and organizing specialists to study impact cases to put forward a scheme for the system reforms” supplies a forum and at the same time is a social campaign in which some lawyers, public, scholars, medias, judicial department, executive department and legislature are activated together to discuss the individual case and systems to make some plans for the reforms.


The purpose of this campaign is to disclose the important issues of the 2005 year that public cared about and further to explain them and put forward some schemes for the reforms. In this sense, this campaign is a process in which the public and specialists can communicate each other and the proposals for the system reforms can be brought forward.


On December 30, 2005, the preparatory team of Beijing Impact Firm started this election campaign through successively publishing 30 candidate cases for electing “China Top 10 Impact litigation” in the “Legal Daily” newspaper and “Sina.Com” web. According to the election result, “Legal Daily” newspaper and “Sina.Com” web announced the first top 15 cases together on January 5. Thereinto, the first top 5 candidate cases directly entered into “China Top 10 Impact litigation”. From the date of January 6, the candidate cases from top 6 to top 15 underwent the last election according to the poll result of net-surfers and the appraisals of specialists. On January 7, the other 5 candidate cases finally entered into  “China Top 10 Impact litigation”.

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