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  Chinese Lawyer and Impact Litigation


Nowadays there are about 120,000 lawyers in the Chinese mainland and some of them have been exploring the practice “To promote the development of rule of law via the resolution of individual cases; to promote the protection of human rights via the resolution of individual cases”, therefore those lawyers are usually called as “lawyer who defends public interest” or “lawyer who defends human rights”

However, “legislation and litigation on the protection of public interest and human rights” is still very a new field in the Chinese mainland, and whether the theoretical studies or the practical experience on that field is still in the beginning phase. At the same time there are still very few lawyers who endeavor to maintain public interest and safeguard human rights.

There are a lot of graduates and postgraduates majoring in law every year in the Chinese mainland and the knowledge that those students have is becoming more and more comprehensive. In the recent years the trend of litigation on the protection of public interest and human rights appearing in the Chinese mainland are exerting the great influence on them, therefore some excellent students are hoping to devote themselves to this career.

But because those students lack the systemic knowledge of human rights and the practical experience on litigation protecting public interest, it is very necessary for them to receive the training in the field.

We hope that this campaign can mobilize those students majoring in law who are eager to devote themselves to the career of safeguarding human rights and improve their theoretical level and practical skill on this aspect so as to extend the group of the Chinese lawyers who defend human rights and public interest and increase their abilities.

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