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  “Cui Ying Jie” case, City Governance and Harmonious Society

At 16:00 P.M of the August 11, the enforcers of the City Governance and Supervision Group of Hai Dian District confiscated the tricycle of Cui ying jie without the business license, who roasted bangers at the north of “Ke Mao” Electricity and Business Market of Zhong Guan Village. When the enforcers were going to leave, Cui suddenly thrusted into the neck of Li zhi qiang, one enforcer, with the knife that cut bangers and fled away. Li’s artery was cut into half and dead on the ground. On August 16, Li zhi qiang was approved as “Revolutionary martyr”.


According to the reports of the medias, from the early days of this year to now, there are 76 conflicts affairs in the domain of Beijing City Governance and Supervision. Thereinto, 89 enforcers are injured. It is a long time that City Governance and Supervision incurred the publics hesitates because of “ no standards in enforcing law and no order in the procedure”. “Cui ying jie” case pushed the discussion of the City Governance and Supervision up to the highest peak.



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