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  Freedom Of Assembly and Legislation on NGO


According to the investigations, the biggest difficulty facing Chinese civilian organizations is from the systems. In the structure of systems in existence, most of the civilian organizations are in the illegal existences, and however, few legal civilian organizations are walking on a rough road now.


This discussion starts from the two cases that Impact Firm had assisted:


Firstly.“Dong Jian’s lawsuit against Health Ministry for administrative nonfeasance”. From the year 1991, Dong Jian began to prepare to establish a civil organization “Love Your Eyes Association” to spread the knowledge about protecting eyes, and support the medical care study. Nowadays, a lot of specialists in the eye-cure domain and persons with various professions voluntarily take part in this organization. Dong Jian put forward eight writing applications to the Health Ministry, in which there are some writing documents concerning the place, fund and director. However, the Health Ministry did not make any writing response, except a oral announcement “the disqualification for the application” and did not explain the detailed reasons.


Secondly, dispute of soil contract between Li Zhi Rehabilitation Center and He Kou village. Li Zhi Rehabilitation Center is an organization that supplies service for the persons handicapped in brain. In the support of the government, in May 2003, Li Zhi was registered as a non-enterprise organization run by the civil capital in the Civil Administration Bureau of Feng Tai District. Subsequently, Li Zhi made a soil contract with He Kou village. In addition, the handicapped children can contact the nature in the cultivating field. This scheme was affirmed by the specialists and at the same time “Li Zhi” gets a lot of rewards from the government. However, after the president of He Kou was changed, the new elected president refused the original soil contract.


These two cases reflect the demands for making law concerning the civil organization. However, only after fully knowing the citizen’s human rights and constitutional rights, law can play a true role in safeguarding and promoting the development of civil organizations. The schedule, the principle, guiding idea and the detailed provisions concerning the civil organizations are very far from us.


The constitution of the People’s Republic of China proscribes that the citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right to freely organize the corporations.  To join “B Convention of International Human Rights”---“International Convention on Citizen Rights and Political Rights”, China is preparing to fulfill the international obligations better than before.


That is to say, it needs to realize the constitutional rights of citizen and even to protect human rights and fulfill the obligations provided by the international convention through the legislation’s guarantee and the good development of civil organization.



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