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  Advanced Class on NGO Legal Affairs(first installment)

From 90s in the last century, the NGOs develop in a rapid speed around the country. From the case of project of protection on the lake in Yuanming Ruined sites to the case of anti-aids in Henan province, from the case of mutual foundation in Longshuitou village to the case of helping the poverty in Shimenkan Village, NGOs play more and more active and important roles in the field of education, sanitation and environmental protection. The NGO is actually become the “third department” to influence and change our life. Since the China Communist Party and government have claimed the policy of building a harmony society, the public should be involved in governing the society. It is predicted that the NGOs will achieve a further development.

The lack of related law makes difficulties for the establishment and the running of the NGO. For more, some NGO members are lack of legal knowledge, conflicts exist everywhere. The NGOs are in a great need for the legal knowledge. Especially in recent years, the promulgations of Corporation Law and Property Law enhance this need.

Since there are too many restrictions for the establishment of the NGO, a large amount of NGOs acquires their legal position by registering as a corporation. It is pity that many NGOs do not understand the difference between the corporation and other civil entities. They do not know the requirement for promoting a corporation. They do not know that the amended Corporation Law reduces the minimum registering capital in a great amount. In practice, the NGO often encountered the legal affairs concerning the land and real estate. With the promulgation of the Property Law, the system of land and real estate will change greatly. As for the public, the Property Law is strange. The word “property right” does not become the frequently used word in the daily life. So The Constitution and Human Rights Committee of All China Lawyers Association and Beijing Impact Law Firm organized the advanced class which takes Corporation Law and Property Law as the content with further explanation on the typical cases. We tried to fit the need of the NGOs in practice and we hope it will help the development of NGOs.


On April 17, 2007, Beijing Impact Public Interest Law Firm together with the Constitution Law and Human Rights Committee of the All-China Lawyers Association held an Advanced Class on NGO Legal Affairs (First Installment)

The classe presided by Huang Yuanjian( Director of Foreign Cooperation Department of Beijing Impact Public Interest Law Firm) lasted for one day. Nearly 30 people from about 20 NGOs took part in this class including the NGOs. The experts from China University of Political Science and Law, East China University of Political Science and Law and The Chinese Academy of Social Science were invited to give lecutres to those NGOs’ members.The 3 experts taught the members about the legal knowledge in the areas of Corporation Law, Contract Law and so on.

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